The main feature of the TOWER plants is that the aggregates are stored at the top, above the mixer.

On the one hand, we need to lift them to a significant height (conveyor belt, "S" belt, bucket elevator), but on the other hand it involves a fast weighing and mixer feeding process, reducing the mobile elements, thus achieving high output, optimising the performance of the mixer.


  • High output: up to 150 m³/hour.
  • 300 - 450 m³ aggregate capacity.
  • Up to 6 types of aggregates.
  • With loading of the aggregates with bucket elevator or, "S" belt the space is quite small.
  • Possibility of housing one or two mixers inside, either with vertical or double shaft.
  • A very versatile plant that can be used both for loading concrete mixers and for a precast installation.
  • Fully covered and with ample interior spaces.