Mixers designed and experienced in mixing all types of concrete, dry mortars, monolayer, cementitious adhesives, refractory concrete, additives, etc.

Attention to detail

  • Large inspection hatches to provide an adequate view and easy access to the mixer.
  • Spacious cover for better distribution of the inlets.
  • Motors assembled on supports to maintain tension of belts.
  • Different water distribution systems designed for efficient dispersion, according to the materials used.
  • Bearings separated from seals for much easier maintenance.

Mixer series features

  • Hydraulic opening of discharge hatches.
  • Interchangeable bottoms and anti-wear liners.
  • Reversible mixing paddles.
  • Toothed crown with specific heat treatments.
  • Round mixing arms in special steel.
  • Water distribution ring with nebulizing diffusers.
  • Extensive inspection coverage.
  • Safety devices according to EC standards.


  • Reduced mixing time.
  • Minimum discharge time.
  • Savings in cement amounts.
  • Homogeneous mixing.
  • Minimum operating and maintenance costs.

Load skip series features

  • Anti-fall safety device.
  • Rail tilt up to 90º.
  • Ribbed drum with independent cables.
  • Large cable winding diameter.
  • Aggregate inlet with anti-dust hatch.
  • Limit switch in load/standby/unload positions.
  • Emergency end of run.


  • Minimum skip loading height.
  • Limited skip pit.
  • Fast and efficient unloading.
  • Front unloading hatch.
  • Single-level cable coiling.