Horizontal plants, with a modular design, for easy transportation, simple and quick assembly and start-up. Versatile in terms of the number of aggregates and cements, as well as their volume, easy to maintain.

The CTHM range is installed with planetary or twin-shaft mixers, thus dealing with a wide range of concretes both for ready-mixed and for large-scale construction works. They can also be set up with an outlet for dry loading on a concrete mixer. The aggregates can be loaded into the mixer by skip or TUSA conveyor belt.

Use of the skip means a major reduction in transport and space, with good hourly outputs for the most versatile belt, which is able to load directly onto the mixer or to an intermediate standby hopper which allows for an increase in production without modifying the features of the plant.


  • Production: 30 to 160 m³/hour.
  • Choice of double-shaft or planetary mixer.
  • Loading of aggregates to mixer with skip or conveyor belt.
  • Output can be increased by placing a standby hopper on the mixer to act as a lung with the dosed aggregate. CTHM/CT Plants.
  • Modular design.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Quick assembly.
  • Highly versatile in terms of plant composition.